Traditional Trade
As the key contribution channel at SPVB, Traditional Trade team grows sustainable volume in channels such as Wet market, Grocery stores,... through nationwide distribution network via salesman and strategic distributors.
Modern Trade
Drive revenue and volume in Modern Trade - one of the fastest growing channels, such as Supermarket, Hypermarket, and Convenient Stores. Modern Trade team builds business planning and develop good relationship with Modern Trade Customers while ensuring excellent execution at Point of Purchase in stores.
Drive profitability for On-Premise Channel (Restaurant, Travelling, Workplace..) by building business planning and maintain good relationship with OP Customers. Build, implement and continually improve visibility, merchandising, promotions and in-store activations.
Trade Marketing
Based on shopper, customer, channel & category insights to develop & implement strategies to optimize brand recognition, visibility and the growth of categories. Ensure commercial activities are properly executed and complied in the market.
Go To Market
Develop distribution network (distribution model, number of distributors,..) & sales system to ensure the highest level of customer service & cost-efficienc.
Sales Operations
Build and manage Sales operations, including: Forecasting Demand, Customer Service (Order Management & Customer Ordering System); Reporting, Setting goals & Tracking Sales Performance, Analyzing & Consulting prices