Mirinda logoMirinda is one of the leading soft drink brands in Vietnam and comes in two great tasting flavors - Orange and Sarsi

With its bold fruity taste and vibrant fizz, Mirinda brings in laughter and bold fun parties.

Mirinda comes in many convenienct packs: PET 390 ml, PET 1500 ml, Can 330 ml, RGB 300 ml

Mirinda - Laugh out loud. Mirinda - Bold fun party




Can 330ml
Pet 1200ml
Pet 1500ml


Extreme Fund and full of Surprise, "Toi Dam Hat" (Dare to Sing) are coming back with a new version called "Ai Dam Hat" (Sing If You Can).
"Toi dam hat" is Vietnamese for "sing if you can", a TV game show sponsored by Mirinda broadcast on youth channel, YanTV. It has been a great match for Mirinda and a popular one too – ratings have remained high throughout the 13 episodes.



Mirinda on Media