Aquafina logoAquafina is one of the most popular bottled water brands in Vietnam thanks to the high-quality pure-water guarantee. Aquafina promises pure, crisp, refreshment in every bottle.

Drink 4 bottles of Aquafina, 2 litres of water everyday to bring to your body the purity happiness.

Aquafina comes in convenient packs: Pet 500ml, Pet 355ml, Pet 1500ml, Pet 5000ml



Pet 355ml
Pet 500ml
Pet 5000ml


On April 21, "Water Drinking Day 421" with the message "4 - 500ml Aquafina bottles are equivalent to 2 liters per day" to encourage people remembering to drink enough water per day was organized by Aquafina brand in Hanoi.
In the evening of Jan 12, the final competition night Aquafina Pure Fashion 2015 was taken place in Hanoi with the participation of numerous Vietnamese famous artists and designers.



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