SPVB Representative Was Honored to Meet Leaders of Ho Chi Minh City

In the afternoon of 26 August 2016, as one of 73 outstanding tax performance enterprises, representative of Suntory PepsiCo Vietnam Beverage (SPVB) was honored to meet leaders of Ho Chi Minh City and Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry at a meeting among the city leaders and enterprises.

With a goal of sustainable development and a good corporate citizen demonstration, SPVB has contributed thousands of billions VND to the state budget, and continued to receive recognitions from Prime Minister, Ministry of Finance, the General Department of Taxation and the People's Committees of provinces and cities across the country.

Specifically, in 2013 and 2014, SPVB received consecutively 9 tax compliance recognition and awards at its plants and branches across the country. Accordingly, SPVB was the only foreign invested entity, which received recognition from the Ministry of Finance in Can Tho in 2013, and was also one of companies, which have had highest contribution to the state budget in Can Tho City for years. In 2014, SPVB was on top 20 companies receiving recognition from Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee for its outstanding contributions to the state budget in Ho Chi Minh City.

In 2015, the company's branch in Can Tho and Quang Nam continued to receive tax performance recognition given by the General Department of Taxation and Quang Nam People's Committee. 2015 was also a year SPVB’s Quang Nam Branch received the 12th tax awards & recognition.

Thanks to the achievement, SPVB is proud of being a good company, which always adheres to Vietnamese law and contributes positively to the community, where the company operates. This is clear proof of the copany’s strong commitment to community activities in particular and sustainable development of the whole society in general according to the company’s philosophy “Sharing the profit with society”.