Helping Hands

Continuing the Vietnamese tradition of giving aid to the poor, which has been passed down through generations, Suntory PepsiCo Vietnam Beverage (SPVB) associates have conducted many programs in support of local communities throughout our history. Since August 2011, the voluntary funding program – Helping Hands For the Poor – has taken on this role.

SPVB - CSR - Helping Hands

With this purpose in mind, SPVB encourages all the staff to actively join social and charity activities that enhance people's living standards. To stimulate those activities, all funds raised will be doubled Firstly, SPVB wants its employees to fully understand the company values according to its business orientation and have more responsibility for the society: a good citizen is the one who not only follows the law, performs well at work and is responsible with his family but also contributes enthusiastically to the development of society.

This will encourage everyone to connect with each other in a combined effort to develop the company and society. On the other hand, SPVB wants all activities derived from the company will be joined and performed best by its employees to bring benefits to the company and the community as well.

SPVB - CSR - Helping Handsa

Since the very first days of the program, we have taken part in many activities for the benefit of our communities. Currently, there are eight Helping Hands Committees in HCMC, Hanoi, Bac Ninh, Da Nang, Dien Ban, Can Tho, Dong Nai, Hoc Mon and HCMP. At present, more than 500 volunteers and company staff across the country have donated a total of VND 1.6 billion. The programs focus on caring for old people, building charity houses, supporting poor primary students, protecting environments and initiating clean water programs.

SPVB - CSR - Helping Hands

Helping Hands has received wholehearted supports from the company and from authorities of provinces where the program took place.





On 14 November, Helping Hands HCMC Committee organized a voluntary blood donation program. The program received the enthusiastic response of HCMC, HCMP, Head Office.